Cisco 7600 IOS Cheat sheet

sho catalyst          [Catalyst 6000 info]
sho controllers cwan n m [Flexwan info]
sho cwan              [Catalyst WAN info]
sho diagnostic result [Diagnostics]
sho fabric            [Crossbar switching data]
sho fm inter g7/1     [Feature Manager]
sho ibc br            [Traffic to CPU]
sho inventory         [Equipment inventory]
sho idprom module n   [IDPROM info]
sho mac-address-table [MAC]
sho mls               [Multilayer switching]
 sho mls statistics 
 sho mls netflow ip nowrap
 sho mls status       [undocumented]
sho module            [Linecard info]
sho platform          [hardware]
sho power             [Power info]
 show platform hardware pfc mode 
sho tcam              [TCAM info]
 sho tcam detail
sho upgrade fpd       [Field Programmable Device upgrade]

attach n              [Connect to SUP]
hw-module             [Reset of power-cycle specific module]
remote command switch sho xxxx [Connect to SUP]
ipc-cons n            [Connect to Flexwan - undocumented]

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